Unbound Caching Name Server

This video demonstrates how to install and configure a unbound caching name server.  You will also see how to configure the DNS server to forward the DNS requests to other DNS servers on the network.

The steps to install and configure an unbound caching name server are straightforward.  Unbound is a great option as it is one of the more secure options out there, and easier to configure than others such as BIND.

Run the following commands to install and start unbound.

Within the unbound.conf file you want to uncomment out, and or edit the following lines:


Explanation of settings

Interface allows it to accept incoming connections from any interface, the default is the local loopback address.  Access-control is the network it will accept incoming client connections from, in our case the network.  The forward zone gives us the ability to forward DNS requests to another DNS server, and in our case it is the DNS server on my IDM server.  The is the IP address of my DNS server on my main network.

Finally we run the following commands:

We can then test out our configuration by going to another server on the network, in this example I ssh to server1 and edit the /etc/resolv.conf file and add nameserver= and save the file.

I can then run the dig command and see the results:







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